Tuesday, January 27, 2009

During chinese new year

Yesterday, all my father side relative came to our house.
i saw a lot of my cousin, we never see each for a long time.
All of them have been changed.
My cousin had made a tattoo on her right hand side body.
But i don't know what the tattoo mean.

Today, actually we wanted to go back kalawang once.
but my mother side relative came to our house, so we waited them at home.
My "yi ma", uncle and my dear cousin sister also got came.
So miss them.

After that, I went to bet money...in the begining i wont alot once.
But the last round i losed double money!
My luck so bad....like that also can!

Around nine o'clock, went back to home...
very tiring.

that my chinese new year process!
tomorrow yi mah them is going to go back singapore...
don't know when can meet again...

okay, is time to bed...good night

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Take it easy

I saw a TV program, they are discusting something about "luck" of this year.

And I knew that I'm very bad luck in this year.

what idea can let me change to good luck?

Just wait, i can't do anything now.

We ate dinner tonight, father side relative came our house to dinner together.

One year only will have one chance eat together.

But my brother always absents in this time.

After dinner, I went out with "her" to a mamak.

I saw my primary school friend there.

And I felt the world is very small.

My primary school friend, his another friend last time was also studied in tsun jin,

But he does'nt study hard so change school to melaka...

And francis also was change to melaka also...

they are same school at melaka, and he know francis also.

wau! the world is really small.

chat finish with my friend then went back to my sit continue with"her" our topic.

Just now i had told her all my true words.

I'm wondering that i should told her or i did wrong.

because i made her cried!

I am so sorry, please don't cry...

when i were angry i will say something hurt, please don't blame on me.

That my personality!

But i promise i will change...i should'nt to be selfish again...

I really don't know how to compare black or white!

I don't know how to do is right...

But i just know i always did wrong...

Just now walking back to home, I'm just stepping on a lonely street.

walking by myself and the fire wood was up on me...

I looking that and told myself, just take it easy...

now is already chinese new year, wish u can happy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New start

Hello! I change to blogspot...well, welcome to my new home! hehe~
I just want to change a new enviroment, because i hope i can start my new life here.
I still hope all of my friends can continue visit my blog at here...
Although I am not using wretch...

I will tell you how my life going everyday!
No matter what that i'm happy or sad...

Today, I had went out with my junior classmate and my primary school friend.
We went to a saloon, wei fung wanted to colour his hair...
And i with wai loon wanted to wash hair.

After that, wei fung drove us back to his house for a rest,
and the next station is went back to my home.
dinner finish at home then we went to lesure mall "tan cha wu"...
We chatting inside there, nice feel.

Around 10:30pm, he fetch me back home...
Thanks a lot.

I need to stop now, im tired.
Bye bye