Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip to PD

Let's Jump...Let's screem...hooooohaaa~~~

Hello guys, I'm back to KL already.

I did a wonderful trip with my lawyer friend, teacher mar.

We went to Port dickson for 2 day and a night.

I really enjoy my trip.

reduce all the stress from my life.

Okay, just let the photo talk to u.

The beach...

Sky Blue's sky
yeah, that is me..

THe broken ship.

Look nice?camera skill very powerful

wau, nice look

Me again.

just for us

What the stupid expression of us?

Before dinner, I may be took some photo in the room

Our resort...not excellent yet not bad

On the way finding food and hungring like the tiger.

Nice view at port dickson

foot stepping on the road way to inside the seafood restorant.

waiting food>

After finish our supper, we went to a pub for beer session.

Nice place yet lesser people.

Lawyer also drink beer, haiz...

But I'm different...hehe...cheers

wanna play card? wait a while

cool man, im the snooker king here. who wanna challange me?

The second days, we went to the muzium..

Malaysian muzium, just like a garden, ntg special man!

On the way back to KL...

That's my trip, I did a wonderful but had some bored cuz there are ntg special yet enviroment is still okay....I enjoy myself....why not?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip to the park

Erm~ Today Art class's students went to the park which the most biggest at tun razak!
We go there for drawing, but in fact, we just like picnic at there.
First, we wait the bus in school...Until reach our destination,
we planed where do we get our lunch...
finally we decided to go KFC for taking meal.
We drawed faster and rush to KFC before 12.30 pm.
On the way to KFC, teacher saw us and asked where were us going to?
Actually teacher not allowed us to take meal outside,
cause he already told us prepare the meal ourself....

My photo gallery!! nice?
we end up really arrived KFC for taking lunch, my friends all said dun care!!
Yan han taking photo!

They were very concentrate doing their art works.

Before we go to KFC, we took our lunch here first.
wau, all were just eating theirs.
I was the one who taking photo.
that my trip today......opps,
I din appear my art work at here, cuz I think not that nice.
Next time ler...
good bye guys

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my life's process

Today our class has no study and teacher also din'nt teach.
We just played in the class...
some of them were playing chess,
and I was learning the magic square.
I'm very excited that I really can learn it.

Actually we are just wasting time at school.
I just look like already wanna give up myself.
But no, I cannot do that.
Now I really very hate art class already.
everyweek doing somthing meaningless,
and the point is I cant learn anything at there.

When I reached home, I felt very tired.
I get a nap on my sofa, waiting my friend call.
My friends call me to Alladin again,
after that, we went to counnught pasar malam for a walk.
We sit at the mamak store and plan what to do for our vocation.
We said want to go for snooker and soccer.
I really very expect for it.

I want to throw away all the pressure and stress,
I want to enjoy my holiday as well.
haha~ maybe will upload some photo to u guys.
check it out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

without title

This coming thursday will be going outdoor with Art class's friends.
A suddenly information to me.
I get the new's today.
So might be return back to school at 3 o'clock left.
I cant going home with joyyie.
1 week din'nt meet already.
Okay, really very boring.
stop here, good night to all people in the earth.
sleep tight.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rosy Business

waliao ehh~ must watch movie...a very very meaningful story...

You will regret if u miss it~~

I thought it would be a very boring movie in first, because it is an encient story.

Until I watched, I can't stop watching and can't leave away in front of the TV.

The story is very stimulate and very intersting....haha

It song also very nice, I add into my blog already.

This coming holiday, I sure will watch finish it story...

owh ya, this coming saturday I might go to PD with my lawyer teacher.

We have a long time din'nt travel together.

After exam, I really still don't have any space to relax myself.

It will be a good chance to take a rest and have my nice journey.

Actually this coming holiday's schedule may be full of activity.

I need to return school to join the SPM lecture.

I will have a gathering with my primary schoolmates.

I will have my SPM subject tuition and some lesson.

I might have a snooker game with francis or my neighbour.

There is many things waiting for me, opps, I almost forget,

I still have my undang and P licence....yeah, that all.

Ok, Hope will have a nice vocation.

you guys too, hope all of u have a nice holiday...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

boring sunday

Wah...A super boring sunday....
I went to Aladdin cafe again...
In first I go alone, but I saw my friend at there...
They always go there with a gang of buddy...

Hiaz....why the feel so strange???
After exam really very boring...
nothing enrich my life already...
everyday watch movie at home...
repeat the same action...

Erm, I know some of the result was in hand already.
But, I really don't want to talk about result.
Just let me relax, just let me do something what I love.
I have no more thing can do...
I just can say, I will try harder in the next exam.

haha...just now msn with joyyie...
she very very sleepy....
But I still want her to talk with me...
then she keep telling me she was very sleepy...
then I say ok lo, u go and slp la...
But I want her to send some sweet msg to me...
then she really send, but i said I want longer once...
I just making her cant get a comfortable sleeping mood.
haha, okay, forgive me...just a joke...
now u slp ler.....good night baby...

okay, my boring life until now...
tomorrow continue my school life...
opps, I almost forget I still have L licence and P licence to take.
I want to drive leh...wait me...
hope I can pass all the difficulity.

  • Note: I suddenly lost my way, sleeping on my bed, dunno what to do while wake up from dream...hope god blessing

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love is "color blind"

Yes...Love is color blind...
Love has no reason...
Love cannot explain...

when u choose the one who accompany u in the future until die..
U cannot regret...
U cannot ask why...
don't matter what he/she did...
You will angry but finally u will forgive.
Angry because U care about he/she.

pay out all to he/she...
can give up all the things to get together with he/her...
that's call "love"...

Last time, Pik kei but a pair of keychain to me.
she ask me dun lost it....
Finally she lost in the cinema first.
This year, joyyie did the same action as her.
She ask me dun lost it but finally she lost.
I never blame on them...

I dunwan any promise now...
I just hope to life with happy...
what I pain and what I gain?
I gain lie and ntg.
But I don't want to care anything already,
cuz i know...Love is "color blind"
I love you ~

  • Note: Stop doing something unfair to me...I just hope to get love from true love.

Friday, May 22, 2009

He fail his life

Exam finish...actually i should be very happy...
But I can't...
Everytime when exam finish, some friends will date me out.
This time, I din'nt ask any friends to out...
and no friends date me out too...

I went to joyyie school wait her...
because last night I had told her that I will find her.
She told me she will msn me when she come back from outside.
I wait until 4 o'clock....still no body answer me.
Then I leave a msg to her, I thought when she reach home will see it.
I wait outside her school for one hour.
Finally I go home myself...

I fail my life this time.
My result will be very poor...
all the bad luck come true...

what feel am I taking now?
IT feel like my life was game over.
No more way and no more dream.
no more true and no more promise.

All the things just because of my personality...
My bad personality, but i'm a good person.
All is my wrong...

Pik kei, so sorry...
I haven change my personality.
I can feel the hurt deeply that u gave.
I cannot forget the moment...
All the feel come back... ...

Why the person who did wrong something are not me?
why the person who let another person scolded are not me?
Why I always the bad?
why all the things is so unfair to me?

No more feeling with the world...
life is horrible....

I am very tired now, I just slept for 2 hours last night...
Because waiting someone who hate me now in the midnight.
Now on, I don't want to set any target...
because all cannot achieve...I tired with my life...
I just hope to stop my life now...
close my eyes and please don't open again.

  • Note: (Life=horrible, Happily=difficulity,Promise=lie) Ken Fong fail his life

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

what the hell

What the hell....what the fuck.....
what god give me? what have I did?
shit and shit.....

wei...I really got study last night geh....
I really got do account last night...
I do my account until 3 o'clock...
why i get finally? I get fail!!!
what the hell....
I first time fail my account....
No need teacher say I also know sure fail once.

I make wrong desicion......I should not come today...
Yesterday I had skip my chinese exam...
because I'm not feeling well...
I got the MC...and I can no need go school to exam today.
why I so stupid? why i want to come?
If I dun come, I can use back the marks of midterm exam.
why I so stupid????
If i dun come, this 2 day I can only focus to read my history...
I study hard not study smart.....

Hey, I really don't understand...I had memorize all the things,
but when I go inside the classroom...
all the things which i memorize suddenly dissapear.
they was lost......

what the hell.....
yes, this time, im not very confidence....
I know I fail many subject.....fuck....

You guys....I know u guys can get well marks than me...
please dun laugh me.....DON"T
dun laugh me.....
ma chao hai....

I know people will fail one time in his life....
but not always....
I believe I can do it finally.....
I believe......................................................

Don't call me rubbish....if I fail all the chance that I get...
I will kill myself and no need u guys say.......
I don't want to be a rubbish.........
next time.....give me one more chance....

I wanna give up all the subject....but i dunwan...
history, I want to give up....
But I cant.....I cant do such thing........

although I will take spm leave...
I dunwan let people say me because I cant upgrate to senior 3 only take spm leave.
I just want to prove it for myself....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I miss the chinese exam

What's going on?
Last day I felt feeling bad.
But I still stick with study.
People asked me to get a little nap only continue,
I don't want...
because it won't be a little nap,
It will let me sleep until the next morning.
Chinese really a lot if things to memorize.
I'm going to have a bit hate study chinese.
Chinese just same as history...
Memorize all the things which unnecessary!
I really try my best to memorize all of it.
some I had been complete in first...
but finally my brain is staying nothing.
What the hell....eii... I really read all already.
When I am reading, I still can remember,
after the book left me hand, all the memory is gone.
Just has something blocking my brain....

I am not confidence in the chinese exam.
And I really can't stick in exam.
because my body is very weak too.
I get fever already...
I finally choose to back home and ask my parents pick me to see docter.
Therefore, I din'nt exam chinese...
gd new's too....because I heard that chinese exam paper was hard.
Tomorrow im going to give the MC to displin teacher.
Then my chinese paper can no need value any marks.

Tomorrow is book-keeping and P.moral exam.
Yes, I will read the pendidikan moral...
Cuz the little test i was passed, it make me confidence.
So I will read it and hope my P.moral can pass...
Actually it is a very easy subject, the diffculity is only the languge...
Pendidikan mah, that mean is write in malay lo...
My weak languge....But I will keep checking the dictionary for learning all the words which I dun understand....hehe

Okay, now im more fever...
tomorrow may be exam again...
so now, I should start study my P.moral...
book-keeping will be do later....
gd night everybody, gd luck in exam...
  • note: Thanks for pei yee accompanied me to the displin office, you help me much. I felt happy that I have a true friend...U always my best friend...good luck for ur exam..take care my friend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I cant breath in this two days.
Examination making me busy.
There are many 1st time in this year.
I first time memorize the malay sejarah.
I first time read the science seriously,
But, only read la...actually I don't have memorize the science words.
It was a big change of me.

Last time I don't ever read it is because I hate malay and science,
moreover, it marks can't help me much to achieve the school passing target.
That why I don't love to study.

Nowadays, no more hate from them.
In fact, I know I cannot pass in this time,
but I just want to prove it for myself.
I promise, I will try my best to pass all the spm subject.
I don't believe if I pay out and study hard,
It still fail...Impossible...

I just hope I can do well in SPM...
So in the next semester, I will just focus all the spm subject.
I mean not given up for the another subject,
just let it goes as natural.

Today, english and science paper test.
Don't really know how to do the science objective.
For english, don't know can pass or not...
Hope can pass as 70 or 80marks as last time.

next monday will be taken the test of math.
Can I give up my math? I really don't know how to do.
It is too difficult, but it also look very easy.
Just for 3 chapter! chapther 4 and 5 have connect too.
If I give up, really very waste...!!! wondering!

My friend had came my home to teach me math today,
I don't know what was he explaning...
I think he just know how to do with heself and don't know how to teach.
At least I can understand some...

After finished learning, we went to Allahdin cafe looking for fren.
First time visited that place, nice enviroment.
I was watching movies at there...very enjoy...
I almost forget I'm still examing now.

Arround 7 o'clock, a gang of us went to mamak for yam cha session.
We talked a lot of funny things at there...
and I saw joyyie's friend "bell sheet" was taking supper with her parents at there too.
I left and back to home at 8:30pm.

I feeling tired now, I slept at 3 am last night through study and online.
good luck to my exam......very tiring.
  • Note: I am so sorry to the girl whom we laughing. You are very pity, I'm feeling compunction now...I am very sorry to are very best...take care and good luck.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one more day

One more day...exam already...!
Now I feel my brain is empty.
Nothing inside my brain.

First day of the exam will be take sejarah and B.M.
Omg...Malay to read and memorize?
Actually my sejarah is impossible to get in pass.
dun matter how, I just want to try to memorize it,
although It confirm fail.

Tomorrow, I am going to take the running test.
Because last week I had miss the test cause I din'nt brought my shirt.
Luckily still have a accompanier do the test with me.

Now I need to memorize my sejarah...
Update later...

bless me...^^

Saturday, May 9, 2009

stepping away from reality

day after day, I don't know what I have done.
Where can find energy and who is my energy.
I'm so worry about my exam yet I don't want to move.

Yesterday, My friend was introduce a nice melody to me.
It name's "the truth that you leave".
Now I'm still listening...
A very comfortable melody.

I love to life with reality.
But I'm stepping away from reality.
No one understand me.

Ken are a bad guy...
Ken are a right man...
Which one is me?

Energy haven come true yet.
Last night I slept late.
Now I should have a nap,
In the same time...I am waiting my energy.
But I sure will study later...
Give me 1 more hour...
I will try my best to face all the difficulity.

I am not lonely,
because my shadow and my soul will accompany me.
They will not leave me alone forever.

Mother day's

Erm...actually I don't know when is mother day.
Seriously, I din'nt do any celebration for my mother.
Include my sister or brother.
Not I don't love her...
I just have my own way to treat my mother good and bring happiness to her.

For matching the mother day's...
I would like to tell a story about me and my mum.
Since I am mum had sent me to the TADIKA for learning things.
And I still remember, my teacher was teaching us to make a card which the shape is heart for our lovely mum for the coming mother day's.
I back home and quikly ran into the kitchen ready to give her a suprise.
She has no any expression to me while she received my card.
But i knew that she was feeling happy in her heart.

After that, she used to beat me and scold me when I did wrong something.
I was very angry in the moment.
I rushed to her room and tear the sheet of card in two.
Finally I was very regret that I did this action.
In brief, I was made a new for her again.
But the new was not very perfect than the old.
The old mother day's card is pink in colour and was my teacher provided to us.
But i was already tear it.
And the new card was white in colour.
Because I just simply use some white paper to make it.
I put back in her room.

She doesn't ask why...
But she knew that I really very love her...
Me too...I knew she scold me or beat me all is for my own good.
I understand and I really love her.

I have an unforgotable memory with my mom.
I will not forget it...

I am not dare to tell U I love u with face to face.
But I just dare to tell u at here.
I love you mummy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My enrichment school life.

Examination and some little test enrich my life now.
Can't breath in the air...
I understand no pain no gain,
and I understand study smart not study hard.

Today is our class turn to take the midterm computer exam.
In first I thought I will die on this exam.
Finally while I was finished it,
I think I will not fail.
In contrast, It was just my little estimation.
In addition, I hope to pass too.

Recently, I realize some of my books has suddenly got a both of wings or a pair of leg.
Because some of my books was lost.
My drawing book, science text book and my grammer book.
where were them?
If I lost them, how can I accept the challenge of my examination?
Damn, please come out....
I was already found throughout the room even the whole house's area.
I think I should buy the new science text book...
This year Spm...I need it.

Tomorrow is visak I spell wrong?
Actually I don't know how to spell....whatever~
I am going to the temple to ask those god bless me on my exam.
hehe~ hope dream come true.
Anyway...just do my best...

Okay....I should stop my typing work now.
later will open the math to choose some of question for practising.
Or maybe will memorize certain subject which like history or chinese.
Take it easy...bye bye.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today when I woke up...The time start killing me until my school finish.
My account homework have not done and received the red paper from teacher.
Deathline already, Last minute only complete all the things.
That is me...don't worry.
I left my car and rushed to the office to find my teacher.
The account paper was too hard to me.
I don't know how to do.
I spent half day to do my account homework.
I really wanted to discard all the paper on my table.
It make me so complicated.
Everyday got test...and please.
Today we had the sport paper test..
Hehe...what kind of rubbish thing is that?
Nobody will read elaborate!!!
tomorrow is going to have a computer exam.
Now I can know study is my priority.
I understand what I need to do.
I just hope all the things can go smoothly.
What the variation of now and pass?
Now I become very busy.
I life in a bustling urban..
I cant estimated what will I get after I pay out my hard.
My brain is just fload by stresses.
I need my own space...
I need vacation...
I need travel...
I need all..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Study is not my type

Exam is nearly toward me day after day.
And me, haven start what I need to study!
Or it can say, I don't know where to begin.
This few days, while I am holding up the book,
and the next action will be feel sleepy.
Ohh, that is very natural...
Because I hate study...even exam!!!...

Don't know why people need to study?
the basic knowleage then is already enough...
And the deeply education just let us choose what we are interesting.
Actually I am not intersting about history or math.
No reason...Just hate!!!
Next time work in the social also won't use this kind of math formula,
Except I want to be a math teacher!!!
But that is impossible...

Erm, Now I just hope to have enough time to get ready,
In contrast, I hope exam pass away faster.

I just wanna have fun....!!!
I just want to do what I want~
Study? too boring~
But ...who care?
I will not be the stupid to torment myself...
I just want a happy life...
That all k?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

check it out

Yeah yeah....I have completed my art work~
maybe it is not very perfect ler~
But i am satisfied already.
Today...7 o'clock only ar....
My phone getting call by some one...
Ohh~super tired and I don't want to wake up..
But I already promised my friends to go jogging and tango dancing class.
Wah...when I reach there...
I saw all is aunty and just only 4 to 5 people same age as me.
Including my friends la...
Not only this....there are only one male there...
That one would be me...
Okay...after that...we went to mamak took our breakfast with their parents.
We talk a lot...
The feel is very nice...
and i have a healthy life today.
Beside that, today i went to find joyyie...
ya...scold her sister....
I am so sorry...You are the fucking bitch who need people scold everyday.
I just give something what you want.
No need thank you me.
Now I know...I am the king of the world...
No people can K.O me except the god!!!
Thank you my parents here...
Actually they are very love me...
I can felt it...
Joyyie...You are the best..
because simple is the best...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

mY oNcE's best friend.

He was my once's best friend-----Brian.
He accompanied me all the way while I need friend.
His classmates hate him but I still look him as my friend.
HE gave me a lot of beautiful memory...and I cant forget it.
When he get scold from someone, I will say a few words to comfort him.
I just don't want him look so unhappy.

We once overnight in school because of our guitar club camp.
we did many thing and we get a lot of happiness.
When He want to get into some girl...he would ask me how to do...
And I am just qualification to give him some of my opinion.
But finally, He really fall in love~
I felt so happy in the time, but after that I also knew that our friendship is going to end.

Last time I was excessively accommodating you.
But you din accommodate me...
You want to read comic, I accompany you...
even you want to go cyber cafe play DOTA..
I also can accompany you...
But I just not that dare to ask u accompany me to do something what i want.
Because sometime I know U are not in patient.
So nvm~ I just look you as my brother..becasue u are older than me.

Until now, may I know...
Are you still looking me as ur friend?
Or I already totality disappear in your life?

Now I just wanna say sorry at here.
because, today i had say a lot of ur bad things to ur old classmate.
Now I only know I really intolerable you...!!!
I cant endure you anymore...!!!
Because u and ur girl friend did many bad things to me...

Do you know how selfish are you guys?
Last time you want me to get into with joyyie just because U hate joyyie follow when you are outing with her sister.
Now, you and her love is already fix...
Then what the fucking attitude did you guys show us?
want us to break up? just because last time's misunderstand?
Because I destroy you guys love?
Now I just wanna say, you are totality wrong...

Please...mature a bit...
You are just kicking out one of ur best friend leave you away...
Don't do the stupid action...
How many true friends do you have in ur life?
You are just destroying ur life...
I am very sure that I treat you is very very true...
Because I really look u as my best friend...

You drink beer in my friend's shop, You vomit!!!
I help you to mop your vomit...
I stand at ur side and tell my friend you din done wrong.
I dun care who hate me because of you...

Although I pay out all to you...
I get back hurt from you~

You are sucks...and such a fucking person...
Now I know why last time so many people don't like you!
Now I am totality understand what kind of person you are!!!
Our friendship was just destroy by you!!!...
Happy?....Angry?.....what the fucking mood are you taking now?
Who care????