Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey...Happy National day...Merdeka....To all my lovely babi.
WOO~....Actually national day is non-of-my-business.
Because I don't ever did any meaningful thing to this county.
And this country also din ever give me anything that what I need.
Nevermind...equal.....fair.....Just MERDEKA...haha
Ya, I imagine before...If twin tower dissappear...
Which building can represent this city in Malaysia.
I don't know~
Wau wau wau...One more day, just one more day....
School is going to re-open....
No more rest, no more fun...
it Goes direct to December...
Our smartest goverment arrange the exam in December.
Good Idea~
Homeworks? what is it...?
can eat?
this word has not ever save in my brain?
Is it?
bla bla bla.......someone stop talking with me already.
hey....DUn like that loh....
IT not my fault right?
merdeka....a romantic day in malaysia..
oh baby~
come back
Haiz...I should be very cherish tonight.
Because tomorrow is the last day for me to slp until whatever I want.
Owh...I can't believe it...
Time pass so fast...
wuwuwu...pls dun wake me up.
let me slp...let me slp...
good night.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My diary

Here is some additional picture.
Monday we went to KLCC.

This few days, I tried to listen my mom to stay at home.
I did not go out with my friends again.
While schooling, I usually feel that I dun have enough rest.
And now, I can sleep all the time whatever I want.
But I still Tired~
When I climb on my bed, I couldn't close my eyes to the dream.
I couldn't sleep well.
Maybe I was not that tired.
Just don't have things which meaningful for me to do.

Yesterday, I was just facing the television from morning to night.
I try to find something to do,
But it was just a drop in the ocean....
It is too little to made different...
Cuz my life was meaningless...

Friends? I look at my phone list....
Who should I call???
Ya, My friend dated me out yesterday.
Actually got a lot of friends dated me out?
But I do not hope to keep doing same thing...
Just like movie, K box, and TIME SQUARE again~
All of it are not suitable for me...
KUALA LUMPUR, such a boring city in Malaysia...
What I can do in this city?

My friends? Cyber cafe...DOTA, and what else again?
Im just not that into it~
My friends who live in australia, singapore....
How come their life look so colorful?

I love to chat with friends under a blue sky,
I love to enjoy night view with a drink with my friends.
All my closest friends doesn't like to do this kind of thing with me.
Maybe there are some, But leave me as far as a long journey.
Francis told me, december he will come back from melaka.
He wanted to bring me taste the famous cocktail at skybar.
There is a wonderful place for us to have a unlimited chat.
Good thing should be wait, So I'm waiting right now.

I am a person who like to make friend with all kind people.
Because I don't like to stay alone.
People in the earth who understand me is very less.
I usually do something what I like on my own.
maybe a simple "yam cha" session with a gang of best friends,
I also will satified...

Some of my friends are busying on their work right now.
Bookfair at KLCC convention centre took their free time.
and now, 5:18 pm, Im still blogging alone in the house.
Outside friends brian and wei hong....working too.
Maybe the extra time as now should spend to study for the coming exam,
Alone just make me feel sleepy while I really studying.
But Holidays really need to do homework as well.
erm....yaya, I will do, but not now....

4 month later, My 18 brithday will be reach as soon as possible.
That time, I will legally become a adult.
Time will not wait you... ...
I couldn't life in memory...
Go straight to my way...
I'm still finding my soul... ...
will be happy soon...I trust myself.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Ok...Just calm down...
Now on...I don't want to scold anyone else.
It just insult my blog and me!
Stupid person should out of my life.
And I just hope that I can have a new start.
Do Not Disturb My Life~

Just came back from KLCC~
My friend whye treated me dinner~
and just looking for some friends who working for the book fair.
A little regret to go out with them.
Because it was not fun as my imagine.

Actually I was just took a few photo,
cuz my camera was out of battery.
And im lazy to post out....
Just a simple article for u guys.
take care~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

silent night

Today, erm...dunno how to express my feeling.
qing fang tuition until 2 o'clock.
and I was late, luckily shanginn was there to accompany her.
Then we went to pandan jaya for lunch.
First dating with her.
I felt happy and enjoy although it was just a simple dating.

she in introduce me to eat this desert.
she love it...and just have a tried.

Thank you.
You gave me happiness and let me knew u still beside me.
You will not let me alone.
After that, I attended my friend's brithday at cheras hartamas.
Lots of fren went there.
Nice to met some friends which long time no see since end of last year.

My friend's dog....very cute

the group photo at last

After the party end, all of them went back with their way.

And I still dun have the mood to back home.

I decided to station for have a drink and listen some soft music.

My mood was bad....Dunno why.

I just felt that I was usually alone.

I love nightlife.....and I need someone accompany me.

If u were there...It must be perfect.

Miss you in the night.

Friday, August 21, 2009


My another artwork has official post.
I was the latest to passup this artwork to my teacher.
Because I have no idea to Design it.
Finally, I done...and here to show you guys.
I don't think it was perfect...But it also not that ugly right?
Simple color and simple paint.
I did not update my blog for a very long time.
Because I was busying for my homeworks...
It was as much as you couldn't imagine.
But I enjoyed the feel which while I complete all my works and waiting for the coming holidays reach.
Today, Lesure mall pasar malam again.
My old friend wei hong dated out for yam cha session.
Long time No see.
We talked a lot at the mamak store and memory the days we spent together last time.
Really don't have much chance to spend time together.
Am going to take lunch with her tomorrow.
My first dating with her.
looking forward about it.
After that will join my friend's brithday at his place.
hope it will be fun.
might post some photoghraf in my blog on the next day.
If my life will end on my 20 brithday...
What will i going to do?
I don't know what Im confusing about.
Are u waiting for me?
Am I going to tell you?
Don't think so much and just trust me.
all the things I do for u is really for your own good.
I will have my own dicision.
And I will not let u get hurt!
Just trust me.
While I haven get a confirm answer for myself.
I will not take any action for you.
Because I dunwan to make wrong desicion,
and i hope will not have mistake again.
I just wanna be a better man.
To make you smile.
I miss you~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MTV world stage live in Malaysia

MTV world stage live in Malaysia 2009.
First time...MTV world stage organize in Aisa.
And we are so lucky because the first destination of them was held in Malaysia.
I was so proud to be invited to attend this concert party.
We were crazy~
we screem~
we jump~
Let pic to express my feeling.
Drum stick got boys like girls' signature.
They throw it down...
Check it out baby!
Vocal was climbing up to the top.

Snap us

The reason why I came.
haha....THE reason..
the most famous song of them.
ALL American rejects.
They sang 7 songs on the stage.
just made us crazy.
When darkness turn to light.
It ends tonight~
Gives You hell?

In the next morning.
can I shout??
Freedom pls!
here is the additional video to satified you guys.

Remember...28 augest...MUST MUST MUST
watch MTV channel.
Bye Bye.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm so sry for neglecting my blog.
It's still alive.
cuz my parents haven pay the payment before,
But now, im blogging.
Deng Deng Deng Deng~
I want to introduct u guys about my artwork.
It was my design.
I know it was not perfect,
But it really waste me a lot of time to put effort.
I think so much and finally I completed.
The theme of this T-shirt I name it " Make. Life . Colorful."
Firstly i use black and white to paint, then color at the back.
That mean we should life coulorful, we may need to have a meaningful life.
HaHa, that is what i want to express.
I was not that satified about my artwork.
because I couldn't control the color probaly while I paint,
Or i should say it was hard to control.
If use the photoshop system, I think it might be close to perfect.
I admit that my skill was not good enough.
I wanna say something about today.
Walau eii~
My class just look like crazy.
Today got many teacher absent,
No one handle our class,
All of them was playing "kuan Chao"..
Dun matter is girl or boy...
The situation is what that you cant imagine.
But I was not apart of them. haha
Cassie...U so pig...