Friday, February 27, 2009

Examination make me feel pressure...Hate it

just wake up...stupid joyyie, why u disturb me to enjoyed my nap?
start study jor lah, you happy la~

everybody, now here i'll stop blogging until my examination over...
Stop touching internet and pc!

The pressure is heavy to me now...
want to study but cant find out the mood...
what can I do leh?

why always so lazy once?
I hate examination...
But I shall face it next friday...

Well, keep study everybody...
i wish all of you can take ur own good result...
of course, me too~

Take bath, take my dinner...
let get it start~
let scream baby~~~haha~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

no comment

Erm~ yes! I admit I'm a lazy boy...
Lazy to lsiten teacher explain, lazy to do my homework,

lazy to tiution, lazy to do something i should do!
Always waiting the wonderful moment come
that is "sleep"...

Always sleep, after wake up then sleep again.
All the homework in front of me but I dun like to move...
This is my style,
haven until the day i die, i will not scared what i doing now!
only when i saw a ghost after, I only will scared dark!

The same meaning, The first semester examination is coming soon,
But i haven ready and warm up yet...
what I waiting for???
I really hate study, I really hate school!!
School always force me to do something that i don't like!
But I hate people look down on me too...
Haiz~ faster graduate man!
come on!
I very scared i will get the last in my class,
erm, I promise, tomorrow....
I will start study...

niang zi , promise you i will study hard!
and you ready to celebrate with me lar~
Thanks for your supporting!!!
love you so much!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


saturday, earlier back from school.

Always look forward saturday, because saturday is wonderfully in the whole week.

You would no need to worry what time should get up on the next day.

simply sleep and simply wake up!

I like that feel.

But I hate sunday!

Because sunday always remind me tomorrow have school.

Today, went to lesure mall had a movie with my girl again,

actually nothing special.

We spend lesser time to each today.

met late and back earlier.

We watch the "kung fu cheef".

Vaness was the main person inside the movie.

this movie is okay.

I'm so admired the body ship of vaness,

wau, perfect!

After movie, we went back to home,

We get saperate under the bridge.

stepping back to home alone.

hate it!

""miss you""

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh My God !

hello~ where are you?
Shit! why all the subject that i like now become so poor?
I very hate it!
Let say book keeping, last year I really could understand cleary that what teacher explaning.
But now, errg~, I dunno what is that!!!!
Why so hard to understand? why????
I din slp in the class already, but why still complicated?
Next is my draw!
what rubbish is that?
Just now i wanna complete my homework, went and draw the picture that need to passup...
but, finally i had been made a rubbish out!
dunno what i drawing....
the picture bad than my class so many people...oh no oh no...
I cant except it!
I gave up!
No mood to continue!
Now, i wanna find back myself !
I lose myself....
One day, i will let you know i can!
tomorrow should kick away all the question mark arounding me ...
ask teacher how to do....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

get ready

school again~
haiz~ dunno why, i sholud be more hardworking already.
My classmate all are effecting me to become rajin.
omg, I hate tiution, but now i think i have no choice.
because all my classmate are very hardworking in study,
all of them are taking tiution outside and this year spm is coming too.

Eng class, I need to oral again, how come so fast?
But really, i got the heart to wrote my oral test.
I shad spended time to wrote it,
i cant belive that is me.

erm, today cikgu siva told us next week will have sejarah test,
and dunno why i went to remark the page,
am i going to read it? hehe, of course lar!
stupid qing fang said im wasting ing to remark the page,
because she said me have to heart to read!
no no, i tell you, now i will read loh...
if sejarah is important in spm, i need to get ready now.
maybe im not understand well what the sejarah regarding about,
but just try lah, if the result come out still bad, nvm.
I have already pay out all.

okay, joyyie now.
I thought i could see you today, but u are not feeling well.
luckily, because today i need to clean the school until late.
if you came, u need to waste time to with me.
So, take care urself.....

life going smoothly...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

mine valentine day's

Happy valentine day to everyone, yesterday im waiting finish school and wanted to went to my girl school to found her.
Actually I wanted to take lunch with her, but she said she had something do with her sister.
So, we just took bus to time square from pudu.

We went to starbucks coffee and ordered the mocha ice-blended.
We are enjoying inside there and chated a lot.
Around 2 o'clock, her sister was arrived and i gotta go home myself.

In the evening around six 30, my girl calling me out to lesure mall Mcdonald wait the stupid brian.
He was really too late.

After that, we took a taxi to the KAKI CORNER, but not taking dinner there.
we take dinner beside the KAKI CORNER restorant, that mean another restorant lar.
Because I forget the name.

There were many people waiting sit,included us, because all were full.
Can you see infront there is standing a stupid girl who was just looking for the fire wood.
Im sorry that i couldn't accompanied you because I'm doing my mission,
that is help you to record and took photo to you.hehe~

We went to a romance restorant for our valentine dinner.
The enviroment was close to perfect, because the air-conditional was not cool.

You look! My baby girl seem like angying me.

Hey, I just looking to somewhere and not looking for another girl lah.

waiting for our main meal and just came our drink.

I ask her what you want to order, finally she wanna shared with me the watermelon juice with a big glass.

erm, my food was came, I started eating my delicious black paper chiken chop.

Erm, the first time celebrated valentine day's with my girl.

erm, I felt happy, but got a bit unhappy, because my stupid girl lar. stupid joyyie! bler~

12 o'clock we only went back home.

no car is really not convenient for us, so i just hope i can faster get my lisen.

and hope my sister faster buy a car for herself,

then i will have my own car and no need to share with my parent.

haha~......just a wish, maybe can't become true.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby girl

today i been asked a question many times...
All my friends giving me the same answer...
I realize and my lifestyle was already upgrate.

I will let you do what you want at now...
but i just dun wish you to become a artise in the end...
I know want you to make a decision is very difficult.

I'm selfish because i care about you.
I dun want my future life will become complicated.
I just want to to life like ordinary in my future with you.
We can stay happy without stage...
I can do all the things and pay out all because you.

I know In your life have a lot of things effect you to wanted become an artise...
Like your mother was participate some competition like that.
Like you have a cousin who is studying something about "movie"

im so sorry to let you give up ur dream...
But if you like, i will always be the 1st supporter to you.
maybe that time our realation ship are different.

dunno why I will think so much,
I asked my fren, all saying this kind of question is very difficult to answer.
yup, really very trouble.

baby, If you really like art of movie, our life story, our drama...
all you can write by ur hand...
you will be the director, to plan ur drama/script....

Now, im so happy you choose me in the end...
but i will never make any objection to you now...
if u want to interview your cousin college that project movie...
just go...

baby, really thanks....

i can comfirm and sure ur future will get a lot of happy than now...
because you have me.
and i will respone to bring happy to you..

valentine day is coming soon...
any people dated?

and may I?

Monday, February 9, 2009

















Sunday, February 8, 2009

A wonderful day

Last night my teacher had already dated me out to pavilion today,
he ask me to bring my baby girl together, I promised.

Actually today he said could come my house to fetch me,
but finally I took bus with my baby girl, because teacher mar said he had gym.
Nevermind, that not a problem to me.

Joyyie get her breakfast with her parent first only came to my house with her sister.
Her sister is going out to time sqaure with brian for shopping,
But I and joyyie is going to pavilion for our lunch, movie and meeting my teacher.
We are going the different way but on the way to our destination we took bus together.

Reached pavilion and having lunch at a japanese restorant.
The food actually is delicious, but i just felt okay.
In the restorant we are chatting crazy and laughed loudly.
Teacher mar always wanted me to bill but finally always he bill.
of course what, im still a student, and my teacher is a lawyer.

Hehe~after that, we just walked and waiting time passed at pavilion,
waiting for our movie start.
we watched "da xi shi", that a singapore movie, very interested.
The story detail is very nice and seem like very touching in some moment, funny too.

finish our movie, we need te separate with teacher mar.
He needed to go back home to take his dinner,
and i with joyyie need to go sungai wang to find her sister.

Arrived sungai wang, we just finding them.
they had bought a lot of things.

Joyyie forced me to take sticker photo with her,
omg, please don't.....
But nevermind lar, if you happy, I do.
waiting her at the sofa, took a nap.

around 9:oo pm, we went to pudu jail waited bus back to leisure mall.
Before back to home, I with her are discusting a lot of things of our future,
really very hope can dream come true.

okay, stop here, thanks god for giving a wonderful day to me,
thaks joyyie........miss ya.......sweet fream in the night

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I hate it

Why? why i will born at this family?
I really very admired my friends family...
They are very sweet...
and why I can't?

Please dun take me to this world...

Now im very very very sad...
I love my mum, but i hate this family...
They can't give me what I want!
And they always dunno me!

I just hope to be happy... why so difficult?

Friday, February 6, 2009

choose me in the end

Baby girl, This blog I really dunno how to type...

I just wanna say, if you like to do, just go a head.
Your life are not controling by me. I'm not your soul.
Do you understand what I mean?

I know you like movie and music, I can let you to try the interview.
Really, if you want to try it, I will have no any objection.
But If the movie story detail i cant except it, I'm so sorry.
We can't continue togehter and we may break up.

Something is impossible to change in my whole life.

Because i cant except my baby girl kiss with another boy.
But If that the job need both of you to do this action,
I have no idea to control.

I'm clearly that what kind of life I need it.
many things I'm different with you...
what you like and what I need, all different...
But do you know why we still can maintain?
because this is true love.

Untill now, i know i can't be selfish again,
because of you, I can give up anything even you!
The choice is always in your hand...
You can choose me, you can choose other, just you like.

May i know what future you wish to have ?
can you enjoy your life with me?
If our way are different, please don't continue it.
please let go!

I dunno what is the most important in your heart...
But I'm sure baby girl, you are the most important in my heart.
break up with me to continue your dream, all is because i love you.
of course, I wish you can choose me in the end.

baby girl, this not a love letter, this all is my true words.
Miss ya~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

countdown my graduration

Last time I'm very enjoyed school life.
It let me felt happiness and no adult pressure like how to earn money and how to keep hardworking on their work.

But now, I feeling bored on my school life.
This year I had already asked my friends the same question many times,
"you want to take SPM or still want to continue form 6?"
Actually I must continue form 6, because my dad wanted!
But if i just take spm go, why don't I study malay school...that a point...
you can't think like that, you can say i study private school because i don't wanted easier learning bad at malay school.

Haiz~ whatever !

erm~ i have count the date from now until gradurate...
haha, still have 20 month...

everyday countdown finish school, every week countdown sunday...
im tiring now...

I lost my freedom and I'm controling by someone now...