Monday, December 28, 2009


I SLEEP in the middle of the night almost all the days.

My Life is Not healthy enough...!
Fucking Bad habit should be change.

Black circle coming out eventually.
Body system is going to spoilt.
Body cell death~

Eyes are stimulated by the brightness of screen.
Tomorrow need to work...
Hope can achieve my bonanza dream...
GOD, I just want to tell you clearly.
I want to Hit at least three shares of Bonanza.
Then Please Help me to achieve my dream before my brithday reach.
Thank you...Love you, bless me, Good luck to me,
Dream come true, all the best...PERFECT...!!!
LOVE love LOVE!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Very happy to join a new team.
im learning something new now.
and I'm not wasting my time now.

thanks for my team...
Okay, I wanna achieve my target, my dream.

Recently was very busy,
Tomorrow will goto maluri,
looking for my ms Fish, tall, thin, wear spec, long hair.
I mean friend la...

anyway, im very very tiring.
slp now and nite

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry christmas

Gen-X christmas party at 23....
non-stop games, foods and drinks.
Choos present, make new friends.

Gathering party, christmas eve steamboat party at 24,
it mean today....
All guys in the house with a little girl.
Funny action, funny things....
Beers, vomit, gambling...
Photo shooting, battle outside the house.
Music volume to max and so on....

Another gang of friends went to genting...
And Just whatever....

Berry and fish, Midvalley but we can't meet each other finally.
Tomorrow, church performance...
Am I still free to join?

Last but not least, My days was full.
And I will not be a rubbish anymore.
Is time to wake me up and stand on the war stage again.
To face all the challenges and obstacles in my life.
To break my own record...
Jump up to the sky and try to hold the star.
non-stop party is going to end,
after that is time to start my new journey.
not to waste any second to do thing which useless.

Merry christmas to all of you....
May have a nice day and a wonderful christmas.
Smile please....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

business talk

I went to a business presentation today.
I learn something new and the talk was veru sucessful.
All people hope to become financial free.
But people just need a chance.
Decision is by our own...

I will prove ken is can!
take care

Sunday, December 20, 2009 the middle of the night.
ya...wanna correct my previous post's title...
is work or college...
Just now I ate sakae sushi...
actually the taste was just okay.
not special good taste..
before dinner,
I saw sunset,
i saw rainbow.
very good day..
good luck

work of college first?

am very seldom to update my blog.
Because I dun feel like blogging.
okay, something about the pass,
I will not mention already.

The thing I wanna say which is,
I went to education fair yesterday,
and the consultant asked me to start college on january.
But my plan in the beginning is working first.
Actually I hope I can start my school life in the same time with my classmate.
Yes, we are not in the same school,
but I know that I am still a student.
dun matter is secondary or high school or college student...
It doesn't a matter.

I just want to find a job which can learn something new, fresh...
gain some experience, learn comunication skills.
ofcourse make some new friends also.

opps ya, Something is very very very important i need to mention it now,
yesterday I ate roti canai....ehh, it's not a normal roti canai....
got hawaii roti, roti heard it before?
it was a delicious roti canai i ever had. really~!!!
But i dunno where is the location....haha....take care guy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ian's brithday

Wah , Ian's brithday party.
My friend's yong kang fetched me to his place.
at sedang, Like living in the forest.
up hill and down hill.

Our junior brother,
wau, what a great meeting?
we drank lot of beer, uncountable.
lim peh vomit huh...
and the second is wei ping.
Haha, we had a long time no see.
all of us were crazy in the house.
next time should come out gathering again.
that was the most coolest part in the party.
I enjoy. Estee was late, but it doesn matter.

the brithday present of his daddy and mummy,
one is iphone, another is oversea limited edition guitar.
I think all the people was jelous-ing. haha.
overnight at his place, cant sleep well.
anyway, thanks for the party.
I enjoy~
take care everyone~

Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodbye to you


Haiz...Is time to plan my life,
everything pass in a moment,
with a blink of an eyes.

Tomorrow Will attend my friend's brithday party,
to meet some of my junior classmate.
After that, I need to work and wait for my result come out.
I will intake college as fast as I can.
If I really can do it, I will try my best to make it perfect.
I will change all my bad habits,
and try to be a better man.
I got a lot of friends, but I dun have a faithful friend.
everything will be change in the next year.
Is time to learn to do everthing for myself without people help.
anyway, Tsun jin is always my school.
They are always my classmate.
friends are always my friends.
and the fact will not be changed.

I can't breath smootly,
maybe I just need a great escape as Ian said.
Do everything for you,
You are the reason why im still alive.
You are my everything,
but I do know that im your nothing.
anyway, take care.
Goodbye to you~

Ken Fong

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey people...
Pls dun show off ur fucking expression infront of me.
I will not ask about ur feeling...

If you know my style, You should know,
you are doing something which I'm very hate~
feel like wanna vomit okay?

Bull shit..~ Pleas smile infront of me...
and friends, where the hell you guys been?
Spm is going to finish on next week...
let's hang out together okay?

Haiz, guys, i hate to do explaination.
I dun like to explain and repeat what i say before.
Understand? if those who don't understand what i say,
then U just don't need to understand.
Fuck off~
I wanna change my blogspot address later.
Here is so lame,
Next time I will post much much much photograph to share with all my visitor.
promise ya~
okay, peace! good nite 地球人~

Saturday, December 5, 2009

我diu diu你 凸!
无钱学么烂人结婚?D 也食好翅被狗食甘,
我diu diu你 凸。
我diu diu你 凸。
过架新郎车总系gen 2添。
廷日你geh wedding dinner,我真系无拦想出席,
我被面我老豆老母jek~ 我diu diu你。甘餐好翅食jor屎甘。
我diu diu你 凸。 ==

我真系无想diu 你 diu 都甘geh样。


I am so sorry...
I should say it out~
mummy, sorry er,
I am still ur good son....

fuck, I really dunno how to spend my time tomorrow,
still need to attend my relative's wedding dinner.
all is elderly, like going to 老人院~
what the eff~
don't have one guy same age with me or close to my age one~
Hate it....extremely hate~

u see, because of the fucking guy,
make my blog appear so much of rude words.
If I didn't post at here, I think I will crazy soon~

owh my GOD~ what the hell~
He's really a naturally fucker~

Thursday, December 3, 2009

december 3

I broke record already~
I slept at 9 and woke up at 2 in the next day afternoon.
Very sweet man~
Holiday is the best for student~

Heard someone said that my blog is nice~
But why now lesser comment than before?
no one interested already?
or because I didn't post much photo as before?
hmm~ yea, my camera spoilt already what~

haha, pc fair coming in the next day.
will go there to see the price of camera first.
then I wanna buy a new one...
yea~ that's all~ good night~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Science over~ owh yeah~
just like putting down a burden.
Hmm, I knew chinese is still here.
But still got 1 more week plus~

with a blink of an eyes,
December reach~
this is a party month~
christmast party,
new year party,
friend's brithday party,
and january~ MY brithday ...
I should treat myself good abit~

take your care~