Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bless me

Today is english exam.
essay tittle is easy as a peice of cake.
Do not hope broken english come out from my writting.
But the summary is hard.
I spend almost half an hour to read repeat over and over.
Don't think it can pass.

I'm moody now,
on the way to downstairs, I saw cikgu...
she told me that my BM is very low marks.
haiz, but I did my best already.
my malay is poor, and it is fact.
I'm worrying about spm malay.
Teacher mar, must help me.
save me out from hardship and difficulity.
I must pass my BM in SPM.
I just hope that I can take the cert smoothly.
Please don't put so much of obstacle to block my way.
I admit that im the losser in malay.
but I will try my best in doing revision.
Don't hurt me so so deep.
pls let me find a way out from this crazy exam.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009




balance~ ~

just a little insight hiding in my heart

Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of difficulities, make maricle

又在听着同一首歌,Out of this club
OUT of difficulities, MAKE maricle.

Monday, September 21, 2009

gd or bad?

Today francis woke me up in the early morning.
A little msg he sent to my phone.

He came my place for waiting me change clothes.
Then we took some pic in the house.
Check it out baby~

Yo~ we are hip-hoper~..
You wanna challenge us?
Don't play play..(kidding kidding)

Breaking on floor
L kick~
Haha, I have been never dance for time immemorial.
But I am still passion for it.
then we rushed to Pavilion.
took our lunch at there too.
haiz....lazy ..pic will tell u wat i want to tell.

Yes, I have a nice day yet I have a bad day.

I took lot of pic, but finally, my camera spoit..

what the fucking matter .

It passed......whatever......

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hari raya

WAKE UP!!! my mother shouted...
HAHA, my parent brought me to a Datuk house,
because they hari raya,
so we have been invited to there.
Tell u hor, I ate so many food there,
I only like to eat their rice, is white rice.
Haha, that mean I was not really passion for malay food ler~

Moreover, My parent and my relative went to visit mine another relative at sedang.
I sat my relative car to our destination, cuz I wanted to chat with my cousin.
All are planing about intake which college after SPM.
But I am still feeling confuse about my future way.
Well, just let my result to decided all of it.
After visit my relative, I had dated my friends to form a study group.
We study at lesure mall starbucks...
Actually was me need help by friend about math.
Very relax, felt like not studying at all.
Below is some pic about us.

tuition complete, then my parents came arround lesure mall to fetch me,
they brought me to take dinner at old klang road.
we ate japanese food again in the same place which last time they celebrated at.
Waited so long for the order, stomach keep making noise.
arrived home about 9 something.
my BI teacher came my house to make tuition.
Until 11 left, she only go back home.
My activities start from morning until now.
I am tiring, exhauted right now.
Tomorrow, will meet francis at somewhere.
haha, I am so excited to see him tomorrow.
really long time no see.
have a nice day....~~~~~

Friday, September 18, 2009

Exam coming

After this week,
Is time to face the SPM trial exam in my life.
I feel blood froze about my exam.
Why don't I do preparation earlier?
I always the last minute guy to face all things.
I scare the question will come toward me again.
Relative usually like to ask how many A you got.
Walau, Don't compare the result of ur son or daughther with result of mine k?
Anyway, I sure will do my best in exam.
I will deal my timetable properly.
Some of my classmate has bought some exercise books to do.
They are so hardworking.
I think I also need to buy some excersice book.
If got the heart, it will never too late.
Should utilize all my free time to spend on study.
it is not the right time for me to relax right now.
After thet, I need to make a big dicision in my life.
either choose A level or direct to senior 3.
it is the problem that I thinking now.
haiz, exam jitter~~~~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Since the day was passed...
What's going On?
I was so innocent...
Can I know what I have did for you?
Cassie, come on....
Anything wrong?
Really speechless~
Girls is damn weird.

fuck you without reason.

Ya, I'm okay, im fine~

boys like weird things.
I just feel curious with you ...
but then, I really couldn't investigate probaly.
and, I was not interested again.
TIRED with certain strange personality.
Or maybe, I'm still learning in progress.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It came back

Wau, My lovely tuesday.
I was legally took my P Licence finally.
I was blood froze right after I arrived the place.
My leg keep shivering when putting on the crash.
But, I did it...
I drove my car pulling into the side very carefully.
Then, I called Brian and wanted to go out with him.
I met him at time square and he introducted two new friends to me.
I made many friends today.
First at bangi, then at time square.
felt good~
Long time no go in to the cinema.
I watched Final Destination with them.
This movie is just okay.
It should not say good.
it was too fake.
Then have our dinner at Pavilion's certain restorant.
Liva, brian, teng and me talked much of funny topic there.
this kind of feel I have lost for a long time already.
All came back at the moment.
I enjoyed the moment we sat together.
Hope we still got the chance.
Haiz~ I was absent today.
Miss many lesson,
and lots of homeworks need to passup.
My artwork need to spend time to do.
maybe after finish my blogging.
My future seem like going to the dim side.
I need to pull u back.
Back to my dream.
I will not have a dim future.
Watch out man.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Old building, how many history behind it?
Who know?
It was an art picture, after I captured.
No meaning...but it looked nice.
I'm not a professional photoghraper,
But I love photoghrap.
I love to capture every beautiful moment in my life.
Haiz~ I am feeling afraid.
All of difficulities coming toward me.
As a teenager growing up to become an adult,
I need to learn how to face difficulities.
Learn how to take care myself.
This year, I seem like introverted.
less talkative.
Just talking with friends very seldom.
Personality is changing right now.
It was infinite frightening myself and some of my friend.
I really don't know.
I suddenly missing the time I spent with jin at his home.
we talked a lot without uneasy.
what we think and what we said.
Problem always make people distract.
Is time to spend all time to focus on thing which very crucial.
Such as SpM trial or legal SPM.
Many friends told me, it's not a important exam.
Because they only put effort on UEC.
My sister told me, both also should focus.
HEHE, haiz, Whatever.
Last but not least,
I'm really hope that I can use back chinese to type my blog,
just like last time.
But until now, I still haven install chinese into my laptop yet.
Or maybe I will not install already,
It already became my habit.
Using english is really uneasy.
chinese is more comfortable...
hehe......hey, I am chinese private school's student wor.
although my chinese is not good enough.
end up my post with this simple picture.
It end tonight!
good night~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

lame post

~ My not so cool photograph~
I had miss the precious date in my life,
which is 090909.
I didn't realize that it was a special date.
But fine, it doesn't matter.
My parents is going to flight back Malaysia on this sunday.
im looking forward for my thing they buy to me.
hehehehe...(evil laugh).
I really love end of years.
there have so much fun and activities waiting for me.
yet, it's also a pressure and frighten month.
exam and exam,
all of it have totally enrichment my life.
I feel great, beside, I feel scare.
Moon cake festival is coming soon,
how is ur plan to do celebration?
I still remember since I was still child,
I was really captivate with moon cake and candle.
enjoy the feel with my parents.
Now I do know why sometime while I'm going out with friends,
the feel make me so uncomfortable.
But if my parents beside me, it is totally diffrent.
yes, weird right?
while I reach home late, I feel very compunction,
that's why the feel make me uncomfotable.
So, if I done all my works,
I only can play without burden.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
anyway, hope dream come true.
sry for my lame post.
take care

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I don't ever like to "tam" girls...
and I have no idea to make girls happy...
don't call me to do thing like that.
I'm so moody right now.
Don't know, just feel like a failure.
what the hell am I?

My heart was keep worrying something,
I don't know how to describe my feel like now.
I just want to have a empty space to let my brain rest.
even in a corner...
I feel tired but i can't sleep well in the night...

something I must tell someone...
pls dun think so much and what u mean is back to the begining?
This days i was really really tired.
I don't know how to express myself to you.
I'm suffer.....
I just want to have a rest...can I get it?

If, You really want to leave me...anytime you can...

I just hope there is someone giving me support now.
I really dunwan to lost my way....
I'm wondering.....
I really couldn't find back my soul.
I'm worrying my mum, my family, my result, and my future...
am I thinking too much?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

am just an average person

I'm just an average person.
Woke up in the afternoon,
eyes totally haven't open yet,
then already switch on my laptop.

Today, keep watching a hong kong drama,
Funny, yet can learn something.
it get over my boredom...
in the same time,
it wasted me much precious time.
But i did not regret about that.

Mum calling and fetched me to buy food for dinner.
a restorant name "face to face" which I was bought noodles from there.
An indonisian spoke chinese with me...
I was freaked, but actually it is a very normal matter.
I just felt dissapointed on myself...
why people can learn our language as well like a hell?
and why my malay just like a shit?
I'm not suitable to live in this country.

am just an average person.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

find out the "why", then you can find out the "how"

I usually online, and thinking what I still can do.
I walked inside to my sister room,
suddenly let me found a book which call "retire young, retire rich".
I think this book is very popular in Malaysia even in singapore.
My friend introduced it to me before but I was not interested.
My boredom gave me chance to learn new things.
because of my boredom, I tried to hold up the book.
I tried to turn to the first page.

It is a story of a man, how to get the thing he want.
So how can i get the thing that I want?
If I want to get something which I want,
I may need to take on my self-doubt and laziness.
It says, dun always ask how to success...
u may ask urself why u want to success.
Find out the "why", then you can find out the "how".
Such as why student need to take good result on his exam?
because he want to intake a best university or maybe get high education level.
Then he will know how to do.

For me? hehe...I need to take on my laziness.
Is it hard? I'm just arguing with myself.
People says, actually money cant make u happy,
But money can buy u the time to do what you want,
and pay money to other doing what you hate.
But I hate studying...this thing, nobody can help.
although I hate it, But i still need to complete it.
Don't ask me question, just look at my future.
I start loving books......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thing that I need to say

Something I shoud say which is the true I need to express.
Yes, Maybe you're right.
our relation ship at now is just friend.
And it should be the truth.
We don't make any promise for each other,
But it couldn't represent what.
Something you are very wrong,
I don't want to start is because I still want to be single.
I haven't tell you the true yet is because I want to make sure it will not have any mistake.
I think you should understand me.
You really don't know me.
You don't know what I'm thinking.
I am not that what you're thinking...
You're just thinking too much..
Nobody i want to care~
No "HER"
anyway, I just hope that you can accompany me anytime,
AND it is what I want to tell.
Sry for the joke today,
I thought you was really playing with me.
I don't go with you is because "just for fun".
Dun save it in ur heart.
easy come, easy go.
I scare lonely, but I still enjoy the life like now.
You are the one who treat me better.
Pls don't hate me!