Saturday, March 27, 2010

I dun really know what is happening.

actually im not a good guy at all.
or maybe im really a bad guy.
ofcourse if someone is hate me,
can leave me alone.
I will not care about it.

Thanks for those guys who still beside me.
I will try to do my very best to give happiness for all.

Life still need to goes,
I should be awake right now.
Let's GO~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have done my passport problem.
I have done the tickets problem.

Yeeni, I am coming over to ur place.
That's will be a fairytale when I see you.
I miss the days we spent together.
I miss the way I walk with you.
I miss the things we do together.
and I miss all about you.
You are just like my sister,
a very good sister who always take care of me.
even you are just my pretty cousin.

I will be there to meet up my brother.
I am looking forward for my singapore trip.

Berry's test, Wish you all the best.

A very first time I go to singapore alone with my friends.
Great experience.
My Holidays is going to finish after I return back to KL.
This is a FUCK

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woke up pretty early in the morning.
Daddy and mummy fetched me to school for taking result.
I were stress in the moment.
Had breakfast with my dad and mum near by my high school.

Walking arround the school by doing ntg.
Result come out at 10,30 .
I were waiting my classmate finish their exam.
Then take result together.
Thanks god, I got a result which i need.
Happy and is time to prepare and register college.

Is Time to plan how my life goes after this month.
cheque will be coming out soon.
and singapore trip will be make at next week.
Melaka trip, hope can meet my mr francis there.
many stuffs need to buy.
many things need to do.
and many things need to plan.

But im really really happy today.
Because I know I am the lucky one.
Really thanks god~

Friends, congratulation to you guys.
Hope that all of you can have a great graduate year.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I want to show you what is long term investment.
My journey was just start by this year.
18 years old boy is going to make his dream come true.
I got the feeling, this will be a good good year.

Can you feel it?
the feeling is just like you sitting in the plane,
and you are going to fly~
You have to say goodbye to ur pass,
and say hello to ur future~

Result coming out.
How can a person grow up in a worst enviroment,
But success~
althougt you are working hard, maybe you can't success.
But if you want to success, working hard is for sure~

Let's screem out loud to welcome our future~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010




刚刚和rong hui一起。






Sunday, March 7, 2010

You make me~

Why You Always Like To Make Me Laugh.
HAHA, Actually is my joke too lame.
You Make me Miss You When I'm Alone.
You Make Me Wanna Talk With You.
You Make Me Feel Like Wanna Hug You.
You Just Like a Dream in my Life.
An Unforgettable dream.

I will remember what I had ever have.
All the happiness will hide in my heart forever.

My Life is just like a roller coster.
Up and down and down and up~

I really Hope that I can achieve all the things which I want.
Even god tell me my life has only 3 more years to go.
What I need is Life experience.
I want to be somebody I want.

Because I want to prove that I'm still alive.
I am not a death body in the world,

I will try everything which can bring me up to the way of success.
I will do everything which can make me feel happy everyday.
18 years old boy is going to find a way out.

I miss someone in this night.
I really can't control my mind.
You really make me feel so cool~
She came to find me this morning.
We watched angelababy's movie.

After that, she had to go back home for preparing her next dating.
With her V loon at Pavilion for Alice in wonderland.

Suddenly got hungry in the afternoon.
I had have my lunch with ming wei again.

After lunch he need to meet up somebody for doing something important.
I walked arround popular and looking for some books.
Alone in the popular and doing nothing for it.

Finally, im home now.
My life is meaningless right now.
Shouldn't slow down my speed,
but rush for what?

Haha, ofcourse I know is rush for my future.
Planning to do something recently.
But I am still waiting for something important.
The thing will make me stand up and face all the challenging in my life.
But what is that? secret~ haha

will be going to singapore with friends in this month.
Will visit my brother there and my elder beautiful cousin.
Spm result will be out at next week.
stress man~ can I go for fun without any trouble?
Im lost~ haha

I want happy,
I want love,
I want girl,
I want money,
I want cool,
I want nice,
I want healthy,

and I know you want me~!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

happy day

Haha, what's an awesome day i have today~
woke up pretty earlier in the morning,
Just because wanna accompany whye return school to do something important.
After that, had a hi tea at somewhere,
Then we went to find berry and one of her friend for lunch.
Good~ But someone said that im not gentlement.
huiyor~ enough lar....dun like this word~

Then berry fetch me back home,
whye went to apple again...
After whye finished his game,
he called me to a park which near by my house.

Me and berry went there and meet him.
I can't see properly where the hell he been.
actually he was sitting on the top of the play ground
Dangerous yet fun and excited.

We dance at the play ground,
we break dance, we learned MJ.
we did a lot of funny action...
we played as a monkey...
That was really monkey~ haha

Berry first time play with me like that,
the feel was just like fairytale
and I enjoy the moment together with them.

Opps, almost forget the most important part ...
Today I went to pavilion,
when im walking I saw one of my primary school friend walking toward me.
I holded her hand in the moment and she was just shock~
Because she talking with her cell phone and couldn't see me at all.
Just asked her where are u going with ur friend?
suddenly her friend ask me and my primary school friend take a picture.
this is so cool and cute....
I can imagine this is really cute...
what's a special stranger and suddenly ask for a pic.
I was stunt for a sec and then took picture with my friend.
The moment was just like MV...haha...

I feel good...I love it....

haha...girl, you are special~