Sunday, November 29, 2009

step by step

Guys, I have been a rubbish for 2 days already.
Because I did not touch the science book.
But I promise that I will study all before the science exam.

Am planning to move to another place...
Just want to change a new enviroment to start a new journey.
Maybe everything will be different.
But I found thing I really need in my life.
wondering? ya, I found my priority...
But I would not like to tell anyone first~
Until I really get it, I will share it to you guys.

Now my priority is spm..cert...result~
I believe, life has lots of tuning point.
maybe just a chance, everything will change to different.
I dunno how my life will goes in the next second,
but im looking forward...
take good care fren~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

spaggio's bar @ pavilion

yea Baby, I just came back from spaggio's bar @ Pavilion~
What a wonderful place to have alcohol and cooktail there~

Because of my previous post,
my friends called me to town for have some fun.
Found them in apple dream again,
they was having thier game and luckily when I reached,
the guy finished~

We called another friend in a sudden~
three guys in the house~ hehe~
Planned to get our meal when walking through the pathway..
We walked to the end of the pathway,
My eyes looking to the manu of the bar~
I finally asked them for alcohol inside the bar~
cuz the enviroment was great,
seem like sitting in a transparent room~
People arround us was all foriegner~
and a gang of britian was sitting next to us~
My friend still talked non sense with them~
and you should know, they are very friendly~

actually we did take some photograph at there~
But picture at my friend site~
will be post and share here soon...

hmm~ science, I will study it soon,
and ofcourse, I aim A ~ my target, Hope can achieve~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My feeling right now is just same as the above picture~
Looking my friends going as far as the distance that you can't imagine.
Say hello to goodbye~
I'm alone now~
The time I need a friend support me,
I need a friend accompany me~
But who am I suppose to find?
and what am I suppose to do?
My Life is sucks~
What the hell?
Although I got my money,
I spend it alone in a cafe.
Sometime I will hope to be a kampung boy,
At least I could go out and play with all kids~
I got a wonderful childhood~
But now, I got nothing,
listening to the song...Perfect.
My target is very simple only,
Why so hard to achieve?
Who can tell me the reason?
If My life is full of happiness~
I'm willing to die in 2012

Life goes bored~

My Life Is bored~
Who can rescue me from the boredom?
I wanna I wanna I wanna~
Owh My god~
I am not saitfied the life I'm doing right now.
KilL ME ~~~

Monday, November 23, 2009

non-stop on study

Do you feel nervous~
NoN-stop on study~
Until I can't breath~

Friday, November 20, 2009

a day~

Hello guys~ My enrichment day~
It was so full to me~
I woke up in the early morning~
arlam Keep distubing my sleeping time~
Owh~ But I must wake up~
I had dated qing fang to starbucks for doing revision of math~

Hehe~ then My friend came starbucks met me~
He's brithday boy today~
I accompany qing fang to LRT station,
then walked to Paviliong from ts with my fren~

Two of my another fren was waiting us there~
we went to wong kok, Just for the Big big milk coffee~
Finished our lunch then went shopping~
hehe~ Friends wanted buy new thing to change his look and style~
complete our shopping session~
Rush to lesure mall By bus~

First I went to my friend home to wait him take his bath,
Then walked out to get my another meal~
planned to Pool again~
Have a long time didn't touch the pool table already~
All skill have been forgotten~
I'm the losser in the end~

Back his home again and helped him wax his clurly hair~
wah~ another brian~ Is cooler than before~
They planned to clubbing tonight~
Ofcourse, Im the one who don't ever join them to this kind of party~
Because Still spm, My heart will feel guilty if go this kind of place~

Then return to lesure mall again~
wau, I saw many gang of my friends~
Cause today there got pasar malam~
wau, feel so good~
And I visited my teacher a while in the tuition center.
hmm~ she had helped me check my rumusan~
all the sentence I underline she said is correct~
haha~ very happy nie~

After an hour passed, Car reached,
and they ready to go their destination~
Brian came and fetch me home~
that's all~

Tomorrow, going to do revision again with my primary schoolmate~
hmm~ I'm not confidence in math what,
that's why I need fren help~
Good night everybody~

Last, wish you happy brithday~ Dainer~
Hope you all the best~
take care~ ^^

Thursday, November 19, 2009


What the hell of me today?
My English essay~
I did not see the title with detail and carefully~
There is a Big mistake I took~!
Im feeling afraid~ Will luck come true soon?
everyone said english was very easy~
ya, I knew it~ Paper 2 was very easy~
I think My essay can affect my total marks~
Although paper 2 is all correct~
But i know this is impossible~

I should'nt think so much and take it so pressure already~
There are only four subject is going to take~
I should do all my best and pay all my effort on it~
I will not make any MISTAKE again in my exam~
I strongly SAY it to myself~

Monday, November 16, 2009




是有点被感动的说~ 很开心~


在此,谢谢miss LEE 感恩的心。


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today, a very healthy day~
Ian overnight in my house for 2 days.
we woke up pretty early in the morning.
Then asked my father fetch us to maluri,
met up Ian's classmate and start our revision together.
Very good, something I dun understand can ask immediatly.

We change almost 3 enviroment to do our revision.
10 until 6, my parent then came to fetch us.

The stupid, stop revision already!
Now sleeping on my bed.
Covering his whole body by my blanket.~
wei, im still active now...dun feel like wanna slp.
wake him up , dun care me...~


Saturday, November 14, 2009









你们一定要加油~ 快快乐乐的,




Friday, November 13, 2009

Berry's ART

Photo shooting, @ adonis~
My very first experience.
For being a model one day.
it took me long time to complete the mission.
But I's some photo showing.
the another me after make up~





Evil expression~
I felt scared to myself...
Actually is my fren berry called me to do that.
She is a very nice person.
Ofcourse, she is my best friend too.
Tmr is her brithday.
I promised to buy roses for her brithday long time ago.
But I broke my promise, cuz i forget already.
anyway, here to wish you have a wonderful brithday.
Your lovely brother~ Ken~ haha

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who care?

Everytime say "who care", "no care", "don't care"~
Am I really can do it?
I usually do something which destroy my self image.
And finally I will throw out some words,"who care?"
and I tell myself..."whatever"...
Then? how do you guys look at me?
a gangster? a bad student?
and actually i wanna say still good.
im still me, and bad attiude is to present to bad people.
ofcourse, for someone I care...i will treat them well.
even some good person in my life...
But bad guy make me angry,
I can't stand about it...
This is my personality...
if you wanna friend with me, pls accept my personality.
and I will not hurt my friends.....
I just will make my friends smile~
really~ ^^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I don't know what is going on actually...
Hmm~ whatever how you guys look at me.
I am still is not necessary to do explaination.

I hate people scold me on the net...
I enjoy people scold me infront of me...
Feel is different man~ do you know?

Just know I had typed a very long article in chinese,
But I delete already...
Because I do not want to let people know what's on my mind.
If you don't know me...then you can no need understand me.
What you think and what you do.
I don't CARE!

People should know,
If you laugh, whole world will laugh together with you.
If you cry, YOU cry alone....
I feel guilty, But am i right?
I don't even lie anyone before...
You are always my best friend...ever and forever~
Don't think you are strong...and don't hide ur weakness.
tell me all what in your heart as you can....
I will not understand very detail...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Go school for nothing!

make me feel like a rubbish while staying in school...

agree?? im the first to say yes!

HAHA, I like the movie which chinese teacher played in the classroom today.

Very interesting...I don't know what it name...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Woke me up in the early morning...
Who is that???
Yi hua came my house with lot of note.
Because we plan to do revision.
Actually I need her help in malay and moral format only.
She came my house to watch TV only...
What the hell of her???
But it doesn't matter~
at least I got some note from her.

I did being a boss and a rich man for a few min when walking to lesure mall.
Funny, cuz the girl was handing many books~
and I throw my file to her...
I asked, do we seem like a boss and a assistant.??
She answered, ya...Look like real...
cuz im wearing a coller Polo golf club' shirt.
Going to a golf club for a big big project....
She told me lot of non sense...
I said, U are fire...take ur salary from account department,
and u can leave now....!!! hahaha....
funny......just a funny game on the way to bus stop while we were boring.
She return home at 2 in the afternoon....
and ofcourse, I got my lunch with my another bunch of friends.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Family gathering

I got a square meal with my big big family just now.
One of my relative brithday.....
We celebrated in a chinese restorant near by time square.
Actually I'm not interested on this kind of family gathering.
Because u need to call someone who older than you,
in the same time, I was confusing about the relation ship,
What should I call them? uncle? aunt? jiu jiu....or what?

two of my cousin sister has their children already.
Wau, so fast become a mother of a kid..
Last time I was the youngest, and everyone wanted to hug me.
Now, all go and hug another baby boy or baby girl already.
I'm old now~ haha...~
With a blink of an eye, I grow up so fast already.

Dissapointed thing is,
my another two best fren cousin didn't attend the dinner.
Make me felt boring and doing ntg there.
My mum keep calling me to sing a song to everyone,
cuz the room got KTV too.~
then I just sang one song to all of them....
ofcourse, everyone clap their hand....haha.
I'm not bad right?

My another cousin sister who stay in klawang did not attend,
her mother told me that she need to go tuition.
Just make me feel guity....So hardworking.
how about me?
still blogging hur?
anyway, I have a wonderful night with my family...~
Thanks for the dinner~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Artist gathering~

For friends who like dancing art, singing art, band art, drama art, magic and etc...
Lpmsms is going to held an artist party at Wisma ocm.
at November 14....

This party is just a simple, easy and small for "artist" to meet up each and sharing.
Sharing with their experience....and what they learn before.
Can make friends with same interesting.
Do you guys know what is art?
till now, im still wondering on this topic.

Friends called me to join this event....
event is organize by chong hua high school's student.
It is a precious chance...

But you guys would know,
November 14, ...Spm at nov 18.
I'm craving for it....
Should I go?
Or i may stay back home to wait my exam first?
I need some comment....

A chance to let me dance again.
A Last more chance to let me gain better result.
I think I shouldn't it?
Next time lor...~ is it? haha...whatever

Ya, if someone who interested on this event,
You can view this web to get more information.
For full event details...

Monday, November 2, 2009

When darkness turn to light

Light illuminate My life~
Maybe Only a small bulb.
But without it, everything is dark.
When darkness turn to light,
We should try to cherish.
Sometimes I will desorientation.
Who would like to be my little bulb?
To illuminate my way, even my future?
Or the person has not appear yet~
Now I'm listening to High school musical's songs.
Their songs is very nice.
Once I was not interested in this Movie,
But since teacher played this movie in the class,
I have no idea to reject it.
Not the details of the movie nice,
actually is just the music nice,
story is okay too.
Take care