Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My way

well...I din't blogging for a few days through JiN flight to Japan.
JiN already planned about his future, how will he goes, what shall he does...
finally he chose to Japan continue his education.

Now is my turn...
last night, my sister asked me to take SPM out and direct to college.
I don't know, becuase I meant wanted to take UEC and complete my secondary in Tsun jin.
But know, maybe I will leave after SPM...70%...maybe it will become truth.

Today our art class teacher doesn't came,
All of us were at the libary...we talked so much...
And I heard feng sheng will be leave too after our SPM examintion over.

Okay, I know dun matter i will leave or continue in tsun jin,
no body will care about it, because i know I'm not an important person in the class.
But, seriously, I really love S2C4...
although I din't find out a friend who can chat deeply with me in my class,
I'm happy to knew u guys.

I enjoy studying with my classmate,
I enjoy playing with my classmate...

Junior class till now, there are so many changes...

I still remember last time graduate from primary school,
My father forced me to study in tsun jin,
but now i never regret...
I knew many friends here, maybe some of them was already left,
nvm... ...my talk have finish

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our last meeting at KLIA

Yesterday, we went to KLIA to see JiN off...
My daddy was drove us to there...
We reached there around 7:30pm...
It's still early...
therefore feng sheng them wanted to take some photo.

the KLIA transit...i haven't try it yet.
That is my car, I drove it to KLIA yesterday...
Do you belive me? Impossible lar!!!

yu ting and yi hua!!!

We looked so cool...~

they looked so funny...

He just came back from korea!!!

JiN reached to the airport around 8:30pm...
we were waiting him until very hungry...
JiN's relatives had came to see him off too.
There was a sad scene and a parting scene...
But i don't cry, I dunno how he felt...
finally JiN's tears came out from his eyes.
I knew we are getting separate...
But i hoped you can find ur dream at japan....
The major character...JiN....
Holds up the hands

KLIA mcd...
10'30 pm....we went back to home...
on the way going back to home from airport...
I opened the car's window and looking up to the sky...
i was looking for JiN plane....
JiN...goodbye my fren....love you

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bad feeling

Now I understand the feeling of separate is bad!!!
The feel I can't explain!!!
It is really bad...
Like something burning my heart!!!
Hurt so bad!!!
Tomorrow i'm going to airport...
Miss.A wanted my dad drive us to there...
But my heart is asking me don't go.
I can't imagine what is going to happen tomorrow...
I really feeling not well now...
I can't sleep well...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

goodbye to you....JiN

warning:JiN cannot stop my blog's music.
it's for you
Buddy, it was too suddenly!!!
when you told me you is time to leave,
I really can't accept it's truth!
Last year you told me about you wanted to fly japan life with ur father,
I thought u will after guaduate then go.
But yesterday u told me u will go to japan on wednesday?
you spent so many unforgettable days with us that we're be loath to part with u.
Now we are going to separate.
But buddy, please don't forget us.
maybe malaysia was not a nice places to you,
but u have a lot of memory here.
don't forget the days we were playing.

our challenge place!!!
wish we still got chance.

buddy, I won't forget we shopping together,
played together.
ate together.
slept together.
study together.
I know after u leave, no more chance can go ur house to study book keeping together.
I sure fail next time.
You will have ur new life in japan,
you will have ur new friends.
All the things is going to be change.
hope u can adapt the new enviroment there.
good luck buddy....
I love you!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

the day we went out.

Yes, today is friday, going out with stupid joyyie.
hehe~ yer~ u see how she wear...
I don't like this dress baby!!!
haha~it look like "qi pao"....
Okay, back to my topic.
We have went to pavilion for watching "city of....." you know?
erm~then we took many photo, some of photo is quite funny.
lets see it..
this picture is very special, i suddenly saw a mirror there,
i were standing in front the mirror and helped joyyie took photo too.
black mirror!! cool~

we were getting out lunch in FOOD REPUBLIC.
see my funny expression...quite funny...but look like very stupid.

wah~ shoutting!!!

stop taking photo!! hehe~

she said my face look very "yam"
im just looking for some girl who was walking in front to me.
haha, dun be angry.

after movie, is time to go back home...
I feel quite happy today, thanks joyyie accompanied,
and I won't say "sienz" again...
now im waking to home^....
bye bye la....
the end

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today, I woke up on 10 o'clock...
thought joyyie will come my house, finally she put me aeroplane.
she's very good girl loh!!!
hng~ omg~
after that, i should plan something to do.
I decided to find kelly out.
took taxi arrived her house, I saw she was not feeling well.
So nevermind lo.
Took up my phone and called my primary school friends.
they were at Pavilion.
I found met them at pavilion finally.
This is the girl who same class with me last time while primary.
Today i only can remember who is she.
im so sorry that I forget all the things about primary since im enter to scondary.
some of them, im not dare to take photo. haha~
actually was not a perfect gethering, cuz some of friends doesn't come.
erm, next time may organise a perfect gethering with them.
im happy, cuz i met back my primary school friends.
hope we can keep in touch.
that my story today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

room cleaning

Tonight i felt boring, think after think, what can I do.
I just looked at my room. hehe...
It was too dirty and a lot of book putting any where around my room.
I decided to clean my room, do house keeping.
erm, sorry, is room keeping.
after examination, all the book that I used was haven clean up yet.
some on the floor, some on my bed.
im feeling quite bad to sleep at this enviroment.
this is the picture after I clean up my room, nice righit?
im too tired after work.

My baby dolls sitting on the table with my little dictionary.
I cant miss this image, so I help it took a picture.
It's too cute...
HAHA~ hey, you guys listen here.
Although there's a dolls in my room,
im not gay!!!
serious lar....
okay, stop here right now, good night...and im happy that i did something meaningful.

out of my life

Holidays, I'm very boring. Don't know who can be find.
Very lonely in this holidays, but i don't want holidays so fast finish.
Many friends can date, but I have no more energy to date anyone.
Just want to close my eyes to sleep on my bed.
Today i been went to pavilion, no any feeling while im there.
Looking other poeple walked around me.
What can I do to make my life not lifeless.
erm~ I already put a song on my blog.
Very love this song, the feel is nice.
and the melody of piano is cool.
I just wanna out of this life now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


damn trouble now.
I was scolding with joyyie sister just now.
I really don't know what they're thinking.
I did all the things is just for joyyie own goods.

I already told joyyie, you can tell me things that u wanna do,
I will not to control you, and I will let you go.
But if things you don't like to do and just forcing by someone,
I will help you.
I will not mad at you.
I will not blame on you.

Tonight, ur sis told me many things about you.
she said you have many things don't like to do,
but you don't want me unhappy,
so you do it.

I don't know true or not.
But now my heart are very scared,
im so afraid about you.
don't know why!!

Am I the most stupid in this world?
Ur sister said I "know nothing"
she said u are no heart on study,
She looked down on you and said you are not qualification to college.
Now i can't comfirm the future of you and me...
because I really don't know what you are thinking and what you want.
If you still care about me,
please tell me all the things that u are hiding inside ur heart now.

joyyie, im sad now.
im feeling in trouble.
but I still carring about you,
I still love you.
sorry to you, (all the things that I did to you)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Erm~ Just came back from lesure mall.
Just now I with joyyie went to secret order cake.
We spent two hours to chat at there.
opps, I have got headache!!
I seem like fever now...
Don't know true or not.

Ei~ joyyie, don't want do part-time lar...
I hope u won't go to work.
please spend ur free time to accompany me.
But if you want,
I have no idea and I will accompany you.
you must tell me all the thing that you're thinking.
Don't hide in your heart.

Tomorrow must wake up early.
Because I was dated my friends to listen undang already.
Actually my parents were not agree me so fast to drive.
But I really want, they have no idea.

after then that, I asked my parents to buy a pc dictionary for me,
they already promised me this coming wednesday would take me to buy.

Holidays can let me rest more,
But when doing nothing, my brain will be moving.
think something that I don't want to think.

I want to change my bad habit now,
that is, always sleep in noon...
I feel sleeping in noon will waste a lot of time.
Bad habit can be change.

Friday, March 13, 2009

holiday morning

Today, we already step into holiday.
Wake up and think what to do after...
Don't have a long rest for a long time.

Holiday, planning what to do...
I'm going to listen undang course on this sunday.
with my lovely classmate

Now I should learn more...
Already found tiution center to learn malay.
hope can understand probaly.

In the morning, I just don't have my way to go.
I'm in trouble now.
haiz~ make a full stop here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

silence night

How many people can still eat together for 80 years?
this picture i stole from dickson profile...
this picture is very meaningful.
People until die still has their partner supporting.
hope I will be the one same with them.
Now is already midnight,
the sky outside is very dark.
sometime when I looking up to the sky in night,
I still could see some brightness by the sun from another side of the world.
I could imagine at the another side of the world is morning in the time.
I mean the the sky is not only darkness,
we still can feel the brightness of the sun arounding us,
althought in the night, maybe midnight, like now.
looking up to the sky,
I suddenly become smallest in the world.
when I close my eyes,
Ken fong, I really lost you.
I cant find back my soul and it just left me away.
In the moment,
I feeling lonely.
I need to hold something while im falling down,
But no one beside me.
I finally drop on the floor...
no people carring about my injure,
no people carring about my painful.
In the silence night, I can heard clearly.
I can feel truly.
maybe I just only have myself in the end,
I'm lonely in this night.

My suck result !!!

Well, examination finally was passed.
Now is the time to get affraid about my result.
I know my result of this time exam was poor.
Because i could admit I never done well about it.
But, my malay!!!
I dunno where to began...
the problem is not I dunwan to learn,
But how can I improve it?
Pay attention in the class when teacher explaning?
I really couldt'n understood that what was teacher discusting about.
Many malay words I dunno really know.
But I will learn If I have the oppurtunity.
IM finding hard for tiution my malay...
Because I dunwan simply find a teacher,
I must make sure when I pay the tiution fee that I can 100% understand.
God, stop and enough.
Now my heart are very painful because of my result.
Im so sorry to myself.
I cant face my parent.
Im need to apologize to joyyie...
I will promise to find tiution to improve my malay,
And I promise to more hardworking to do preparation for my next exam.
Maybe now in my class have many people is looking down on me,
im so sorry...
I felt so sad about it...
Im very moodly and unhappy...
who can make me laugh again?
Now my dream seem like leaving far to me day after day.
I cant inmagine how my english result...
because I just think will get fail....
Im very admired all my classmate who took the flying colour exam in this time.
Why ken fong?
You always cant do it?
I cant answer and no more comment...
just can present a sad mood to u now....
regret is always too late....
but I belive, failure is the mother of success....
I will do better next time.............

Monday, March 9, 2009


I cooked once...
but was not successful....
haha....just try!

finish the four subject of exam,
Now is more relax...

becasue, the stupid school put the
four important subject together,
wanted us die!!!

that is, chinese, book keep, math and history.
one of them need to read, and one of them need
to learned harder!!!

after saturday, no more streesful to me..
because sunday no exam and monday is holiday.
Business study is just two chapter for us, and english no need to study once...
Malay I dunno how to prepare!!! read novel but dunno wat it mean!
All of you know how poor was my malay ler~~is not confidence of this time examimation.

Yesterday, my girl was came to my house again to met me...
JUst a ordinary day but still felt happy with her...

we talked a lot in the bed room....
stay for five until six hour, she went back with her sister.

Still have two more days, exam is going to finish...
Very happy but no more target after that...

sometime im thinking what life i want,
I hope to guaduate but I dun like to work,
If nothing do in my life, i will lost myself in the world,
no more any energy and dunno which way im going to go.
So the time in now is the most important for everyone include me.
dun think what u want, and just be happy that what u have now.

I haven appear a best friend and a friend that i 100% belive him now.
I hope i can find out in my future life!!
a friend that treat you true is really hard to find,
last time i thought i had, but im wrong...

all the friends around me is very ordinary to me...
they cant give me something colourful in my life...
nothing can let me memorable with them...

ya, maybe a common and a easy life can make life happy,
like my classmate playing in the class,
held a BBQ and sit together...
drinking beer and talk deeply with them....
is that enough?

im so admired my classmate, they all are very happy to life together,
play together, talk together and study together...

I just know i cant become their member now,
u guys topic, and our destine is far...

now I just need to achieve all my target that i want in the future...
no more people in my life is important except my parent and my girl.
I need to do preparation for the next day exam now...
god blees me...

and i hope all S2c4 and 08 S1C5 classmate good luck here!
miss you guys!